Whistleblowing Platform

Your Voice Matters. Break your Silence.


The Whistleblowing Platform aims to empower the Company’s stakeholders to proactively speak up on incidents, situations, problems, and issues involving unethical behavior, dishonesty, illegal, or inappropriate behaviors and practices, violations of company policies and/or fraud as the company is committed to operate with the highest standards of ethical behavior.


  • Accessible – The platform is web-based and can be accessed anywhere, anytime via the internet
  • Secure – All websites access are encrypted and secured. Usernames and passwords are required for company administrators and report recipients. Reports are compliant with existing Data Privacy Rules and Regulations
  • Trackable – Ticket numbers assigned per report. Report Status can be tracked by the Reporter and can be monitored by the Company Administrator


All Whistleblowers are encouraged to report without fear of retaliation and are afforded by protection through the Whistleblowing program and policies. The Company shall protect the Whistleblower, making a disclosure in good faith from any form of retaliation, retribution, harassment, or pressure.

Rights of a Whistleblower:

  • Right to be heard promptly and thoroughly and to be taken seriously
  • Right to be informed on the status and progress of their disclosure
  • Right to participate in an investigation or hearing
  • Right to refuse to follow a directive from the Investigation Team
  • Right to explain and respond to questions or clarifications set forth by the Investigation Team; and
  • A whistleblower, in making his/her protected disclosures shall incur no breach of his/her duty of confidentiality, in relation to disclosing sensitive and confidential Company information

Before accessing the Whistleblowing Platform, please view the Privacy Notice through this link: