Converge secures victory for AI-powered network operations excellence at Asian Technology Excellence Awards

By: Converge Admin | 26 Dec 2023

Converge ICT Solutions Inc., the forerunner in the fixed broadband industry in the Philippines has secured a momentous victory at the esteemed Asian Technology Excellence Awards 2023. The company’s groundbreaking accomplishment in the Philippines Technology Excellence Award for AI – Broadband Telecommunication category resonates with their commitment to innovation and operational excellence to serve their nearly two million customers better. The award-winning project, Network Intelligence and Automation Platform (NIAP) has propelled Converge to the forefront of network management evolution.

Converge is leading the charge in redefining network operations management through its visionary initiative – the creation of a ‘zero-touch’ network operations centre. This transformative approach enables the network to respond intelligently and autonomously to data signals, marking a significant milestone in the realm of network operations and maintenance.

Chief Network Transformation Officer Paulo Martin “Santi” Santos
Converge Network Transformation Officer Paulo Martin “Santi” Santos elaborates on the customer-centric approach that Network Operations took to create the Network Intelligence Automation Platform (NIAP).

“Malasakit in English means devotion of concern for the people and our customers. It has been the vision of our CEO Dennis Anthony Uy to deliver the most affordable and an ultra-high performing internet access for everyone. In fact the AI technology that we designed is rooted from the word malasakit. It considers multiple network alarms and data to personalize the best customer experience,” said Chief Network Transformation Officer Paulo Martin “Santi” Santos, upon receiving the award.

NIAP lies at the heart of the journey of Converge towards network automation. NIAP empowers every aspect of network operations, from vigilant monitoring to swift maintenance, trouble ticketing, and resolution. This platform has ushered in a new dawn where artificial intelligence and automation work harmoniously to enhance efficiency and reliability.

Converge secures victory for AI-powered network operations excellence at Asian Technology Excellence Awards
The Asian Technology Excellence Awards – 2023 was held in Bangkok on September 18. It is the premier awards recognizing technological innovations across a multitude of sectors; It is presented by the Asian Business Review, a dynamic industry magazine based in Singapore.

The dawn of the NIAP era has revolutionized the network operations of Converge. Previously, when network events occurred, the influx of alarms presented a complex challenge. NIAP addresses this by centralizing alarms on a user-friendly dashboard, offering engineers unparalleled convenience.

AI-powered correlation and compression streamline the analysis of trouble events, simplifying the thousands of alarms into manageable insights. Once the source of the alarm is identified, NIAP takes over, generating trouble tickets, automated updates, and advisories with minimal human intervention.

Converge secures victory for AI-powered network operations excellence at Asian Technology Excellence Awards
From left: Converge Assistant Vice President and Head of Global Network Operations Center Jefferson Briones, Executive Vice President and Chief Network Transformation Officer Paulo Martin “Santi” Santos, and Timothy Charlton, Editor-in-Chief of the Asian Business Review.

The cognitive module of NIAP translates complex events into actionable incident patterns and root causes. It facilitates data-driven automation flows and predictive analysis, capitalizing on past events for continuous learning. For engineers, one-click resolutions transform issues into ‘self-healing’ solutions, whilst customer-facing departments gain swift insights into affected subscribers and areas.

The company’s dedication to automation has yielded remarkable results. Service issue resolution times have substantially decreased since the integration of AI technology. The implementation of NIAP has driven noteworthy improvements in operating metrics. The ratio of service-impacting tickets to total network tickets has decreased by nearly 50% in the first quarter of 2023. Moreover, the mean time to escalate improved by an impressive 62%.

Converge secures victory for AI-powered network operations excellence at Asian Technology Excellence Awards
This is the first award received by the Converge Network Operations department, recognizing specifically the implementation of artificial intelligence and automation in their operations. In 2021, Converge bagged the Philippines Technology Excellence Award for ICT – Telecommunications.

The journey of Converge into AI-powered automation has translated into enhanced capabilities and operational efficiency. The platform’s intelligent routing optimizes service delivery, alleviating concerns related to traffic congestion, latency, and link degradation. In their access network operations, NIAP automates troubleshooting through their intelligent event and performance management system, freeing engineers from manual handling and optimizing their valuable time.

The success of the “Network Intelligence and Automation Platform” of Converge echoes their unwavering commitment to innovation, efficiency, and customer satisfaction. Through this transformative endeavor, Converge is ushering in a new era of network operations excellence.

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