What it takes to be the country’s most awarded internet service provider

By: Converge Admin | 16 Apr 2024

Coming off from a quadruple win at Ookla’s Speedtest Awards in February and taking its place as the Fastest Internet Provider in the Philippines, Converge ICT Solutions Inc. shares the secret to how this feat came together: design a resilient, scalable, and future-ready network then let it work for the people.

Top Converge executives, media, and the CEO of Ookla gathered in a thanksgiving and ceremonial hand-over of the awards, underlining the merit of network excellence and readiness of Converge that led to its multiple triumphs.

Converge SEVP and Chief Operations Officer Jesus C. Romero
Converge pulled off the quadruple win by investing early and heavy in its network technology, deploying first a 400G, and then subsequently an 800G metro backbone transmission capacity.

From the discussion, it emerged that the winning formula for the victory was a combination of foresight, technology expertise, innovation, and the good ol’ daring ‘first-mover’ spirit.

“We’ve designed the network from day one not only to deliver the experience you have today but to be able sustain it over time. Some of the metrics that Ookla mentioned that we did particularly well in were latency, jitter, and packet loss. We have one of the lowest latency networks in the country today, and that’s only possible since we designed it that way from the start. We always bought the latest and the greatest technology,” said SEVP and Chief Operations Officer Jesus C. Romero, expounding on Converge being the first provider to deploy 400G then 800G data transmission capacity on its metro backbone, boosting the fiber network’s capacity to push huge amounts of data throughout the length of the cable, in anticipation of the use of next-generation, hyperscale capacity applications.

This commitment to invest in the latest network technology is also key for preparing for the next slate of technologies that are now on the horizon including the AI and the metaverse.

Converge CEO and Co-Founder Dennis Anthony Uy
Converge CEO and Co-Founder Dennis Anthony Uy fondly recalls the beginnings of Converge and how it spurred the development of the internet in the Philippines since the internet’s introduction in the mid-90s.

“The technology we built is GPON (gigabit ethernet passive optical network) to the home. This means it’s fiber all the way to the home and there are no active components in the network. So that means when a particular technology comes, you will only need a software tweak,” explained Converge CEO and Co-Founder Dennis Anthony Uy during the event.

“This is how fast we can evolve because the time will come when there will be applications demanding bigger bandwidth like AI and VR, and all of this amazing tech that will come into our lives. This is in preparation for that,” he added.

With the network designed for maximum performance and equipped with the latest backbone technology, it was only a matter of time before users of its network themselves experienced the capabilities of a Converge connection.

Ookla CEO Stephen Bye
Ookla CEO Stephen Bye underscored the confluence of factors contributing to the wins of Converge, surpassing just network design to include customer service and operational excellence.

According to Stephen Bye, Ookla CEO, the Converge network is put literally to the test via the thousands of Ookla speed tests taken by its users every day. The vast amount of data generated from the tests paint a picture of a network that delivers the lowest median latency, and the best upload and download speeds among the ISPs.

“We have a robust statistical model where we look at what the median is, what the variance is, what the distributions are and then based on the data we collect, we compare that to every operator in the market. We compare on multiple different dimensions and then we look for a statistically significant difference. Where that difference exists, we grant that to the winner,” said Stephen.

Converge CEO and Co-Founder Dennis Anthony Uy.
Converge is the only ISP in the country with an end-to-end pure fiber network, meaning its flexibility and scalability in terms of technological upgrades is second to none, said Converge CEO and Co-Founder Dennis Anthony Uy.

“And very clearly having a great network underneath that is very important so if you have a great speed that’s one thing but to win on multiple dimensions actually takes other aspects in terms of the operations and design of the network,” he added, underlining that a multitude of factors, including customer service, contributed to the wins.

“In some countries for instance you have two networks that are very very close but you cannot discriminate between the winners. Here [in the Philippines], it’s very clear and we can see that in the data. To win in four dimensions is really really tough,” Bye stressed.

How does Converge leverage its formidable network to respond to the needs of ordinary Filipinos? Converge Chief Commercial Officer Benjamin Azada responds, “it’s all about tailoring the product, which is the network, to their needs. We have done that very well.”

Converge Chief Operations Officer Jesus C. Romero, Converge CEO and Co-Founder Dennis Anthony Uy, Converge President and Co-Founder Maria Grace Y. Uy, Ookla President Stephen Bye, and Converge Chief Commercial Officer Benjamin Azada.
(From Left) Converge Chief Operations Officer Jesus C. Romero, Converge CEO and Co-Founder Dennis Anthony Uy, Converge President and Co-Founder Maria Grace Y. Uy, Ookla President Stephen Bye, and Converge Chief Commercial Officer Benjamin Azada.

The full suite of Converge products not only responds but anticipates the needs of customers: FiberX, GameChanger, Time of Day, Homebase, BIDA, S2S – the variety of offerings target specific needs of Filipinos depending on their digitally-enabled lifestyle. The Converge GameChanger is a product specifically for gamers, HomeBase is for home businesses, BIDA is for postpaid customers with a regular income but has a moderate budget, and so on.

“Having an excellent network is one thing, but how do you experience your connection at home? Or at your business? These digital experiences and lifestyles are encapsulated by these Ookla metrics and we’re glad to have surpassed competition in giving these rich digital experiences to Filipinos,” added Azada.


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