Upgrading students’ online learning experience with BIDA Fiber

By: Converge Admin | 13 Dec 2023

The internet is a dynamic force for societies around the globe, presenting new possibilities to various industries, notably in education. It has revolutionized the entire sector by providing students with easier access to information and enabling institutions to deliver courses efficiently through learning management systems, among others.

Jose Marie Cambalcambal, a father in Mandaue City, Cebu, attests to how the internet has swiftly woven itself into his son’s schooling, turning to online learning tools when disruptions affect his face-to-face classes.

“Here in Mandaue, there’s a huge tendency to flood during rainfall. So, my son would often attend online classes and use the internet at home for his research and online class,” he said.

Upgrading students’ online learning experience with BIDA Fiber

Unlike the unreliable connection they experienced with mobile data, BIDA Fiber now allows their household to enjoy unlimited, high-speed connectivity. This significantly benefits his son, who relies on the internet for his eLearning requirements.

As a parent dedicated to supporting his son’s education, he believes that a high-quality connection is a must to ensure that his son can keep up with his lessons and all the requirements in school.

This is why, upon learning about BIDA Fiber, the newest postpaid solution from Converge, he immediately signed up, aiming to power their home with the capabilities of a fast and reliable pure-fiber connection.

“They said that installation is fast, so I didn’t hesitate and have them install it here,” he said.

BIDA Fiber delivers fast and reliable connectivity at P888 per month. It features unlimited high-speed connectivity of up to 35 Mbps and can be used by up to six devices.

Upgrading students’ online learning experience with BIDA Fiber
Jose Marie Cambalcambal, a father in Mandaue City, Cebu, considers connectivity a critical part of education, especially for his son who turns to online learning tools when there are disruptions affecting his face-to-face classes.

Now, their household enjoys unlimited connection at faster speeds, which greatly benefits his son for his elearning needs, unlike the unstable connection from mobile data to which they were previously subscribed.

“We haven’t had any problem with BIDA because if we did, the first one to complain would be my son since he’s the one who always uses it. So far, I haven’t heard any complaints from him,” he added.

He also shared that BIDA Fiber has done wonders in enhancing their entertainment experience, as they can now access a wide range of videos on YouTube at the highest resolution. His son can now also play online games seamlessly, whether through his phone or personal computer.

Jose Marie Cambalcambal
Jose Marie Cambalcambal, a dedicated father from Mandaue City, Cebu.

And in terms of their monthly bill, there’s nothing he could ask for as he now saves at least half of their previous expenses for prepaid load, which averaged P1800 per month.

For a household of two, BIDA Fiber ticks all the boxes of a perfect connectivity solution for Jose Marie, with all the upsides it brought since they made the switch.

“Subscribe to BIDA Fiber because it’s affordable, and there’s no buffering. Our experience with it has been good,” he concluded.


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