Surf2Sawa opens doors for Batangas sales head to go places in career, family

By: Converge Admin | 20 Jun 2024

For Jenny Ann Balayan, having a job that not only supports her family’s needs but also allows her to give time to her family is a huge benefit.

As a single mother and career woman, she only wishes for stable work that can sustain her family’s daily necessities while allowing her to tend to her son, who was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder in childhood.

Fortunately, she stumbled upon the chance to work for Surf2Sawa (S2S), the prepaid fiber brand of Converge. S2S is a prepaid fiber internet plan that offers low-cost fixed-broadband connection to budget-conscious customers. It features flexible top-up options, ranging from P50 to P700, depending on the customers’ budget and for how long they will need the connection.

The same year the solution was introduced, Jen started working for S2S as a leader coordinator. With her exceptional skills and unique brand of leadership, she advanced further to become an area sales head for Batangas and Mindoro.

In her current role, she supports S2S community distributors – what they refer to as community partners – ensuring they are able to scale up as they bring households high-speed and reliable connectivity.

“Internet connection is important nowadays because whether it’s for school, for work, or you just want to watch something at home, you won’t be able to do it if you are not online. Here in Batangas, many households that could not subscribe to premium internet plans turn to our community partners to have Surf2Sawa installed in their homes,” she said.

Jen strives to excel in what she does, driven by her love for her son who has been her lone inspiration. It’s a huge relief to her that given the nature of her work, she can often do her functions while at home, giving her extra time to look after his son as he’s still undergoing occupational therapy.

“If I need to manage my work to support my son’s needs, I will do so. It’s important to manage your time well because, say, you’re doing great at work but you don’t have time for your child, then all your hard work will be for nothing,” she explained.

By bringing reliable connectivity to disadvantaged households, S2S has offered new avenues to fulfill many people’s career aspirations, including Jen’s. Her story highlights the positive impact of supportive employment, helping bring success in one’s career and family.

“Every time we see the businesses of our community partners grow with Surf2Sawa, it’s a fulfillment for me. It means that our partnership with them, the work that I have, has a positive impact on their business,” Jen said.


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