Lessons from the CIO: Pointers on navigating the road to success

By: Converge Admin | 06 Oct 2023

In a world brimming with inspiring success stories, the journey of Converge Chief Information Officer (CIO) Ulysses Naguit, or Uly, is surely not one to miss. From a humble young dreamer to becoming a trailblazer in the tech sector, his story perfectly embodies a tale of triumph after adversities.

So, what are the convictions he carried to overcome the hurdles of life?

1. Stay focused on your goals.

Young Ulysses Naguit
Uly during his grade school years. Born in poverty in Mindoro, he had to walk almost two kilometers just to get to school back then. Despite this, he never let his circumstances prevent him from reaching his dreams.

Just like any other successful figure in business, Uly wasn’t handed success on a silver platter.

Back then, in the boondocks of Mindoro, he had to walk two kilometers barefoot to get to school, carrying his baon wrapped in banana leaves. On his way home, he would wrap his notebooks in a plastic bag to keep them from the rain, and at night, he would diligently do his assignments in the dim light of a gas lamp.

“Despite the trials we face in life, just always hold onto your motivations. And when success comes, don’t forget where you came from. Use that success to do good for others, and always be grateful to God,” he advised.

2. Always believe in yourself.

For Uly, as long as you trust your own abilities, nothing could dampen your spirits no matter how other people try to put you down.

He was born in poverty and merely scraping by, but he never let his circumstances prevent him from reaching his dreams; because deep down in his heart, he knew that the future was just preparing him for greatness.

Growing up, Uly’s parents taught him the significance of hard work. This became the bedrock of who he is as a leader, earning him the respect and admiration of his colleagues as he climbed the corporate ladder.

“Even when we feel overwhelmed with challenges, we must never surrender our dreams. If we pursue them with kindness towards others, I am sure, anyone can go far in life,” he shared.

3. Harness the power of teamwork.

Converge CIO Ulysses Naguit
Now that he is already a successful figure in the local tech sector, Uly never forgets to go back
to where he came from. He passionately shares life lessons with students back in his hometown
to inspire them to dream big and work hard for their goals.

While it may be tempting to take the solitary road, Uly encourages young adults to not shy away from seeking help from others.

He passionately believes in teamwork, creating an environment where every contribution is acknowledged and heard. This always led him to successful results and even attaining distinctions for Converge.

Just this year, Sir Uly was recognized among Asia Pacific’s 10 Most Renowned Chief Information Officers to Watch in 2023 by the international business-to-business publication APAC Business Headlines.

“This recognition is a testament to my team’s unwavering dedication,” he said.

Uly’s journey of success serves as an inspiration for all young professionals. His story reminded us that with determination and the right mindset, any challenge can be conquered as we all have the innate ability to turn our dreams into reality.

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