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By: Converge Admin | 14 Jul 2021

By: Jap Tobias


MANILA, Philippines — As Filipinos shifted to online payments and digital transactions amid the pandemic, businesses were tested. How agile could they adapt and how equipped were they to meet the digital demands of their customers?

This also magnified the need for local high-speed, reliable, and secure connectivity among many Philippine-based enterprises.

With slow and insufficient connectivity, businesses were subjected to lower productivity and operational inefficiency. Worse, businesses could also suffer from opportunity losses. To support businesses as they weather through these challenges, Converge ICT Solutions Inc. offers Converge FAST.

In an interview with, Converge Chief Operating Officer Jesus Romero shared how the current situation where businesses operate remotely highlighted the importance of reliable ICT solutions.

He added that as the largest high-speed fixed broadband operator in Luzon, Converge continuously partners with many businesses, from MSMEs to large enterprises, across the nation.

Experience efficiency with fiber solutions

Among the projects that Converge takes pride in is its continuous partnership with EastWest Bank (EWB), which connects its branches in the country through Converge FAST.


As a private transport service, FAST runs on Converge’s GPON network, allowing EWB to have higher bandwidth. This enables them to run more branch digital services for employee productivity and more efficient banking for customers, overall delivering a better customer experience to EWB customers.

At a very competitive price versus traditional MPLS service, this solution runs on a pure fiber network and offers burstable bandwidth of up to 20Mbps, or even higher.

“The service is performing well as reported by our IT team. Branches using Converge have less connectivity problem escalations. Mainly because full fiber lines are not subject to physical degradation, and offer high bandwidth symmetric speed,” Gerry Susmerano, SEVP Retail Banking Head, told in a separate interview.

“This product is really intended for multi-branch operations that connect to a central site such as banks and retail shops. Furthermore, it offers a secure connection since it does not pass through the public internet,” according to Romero.

“With the high bandwidth available, in most cases 10x of a traditional MPLS service, FAST will allow any enterprise to contemplate loading additional services such as Digital kiosks, multimedia applications, and centralized CCTV monitoring, without impacting the performance of core banking applications,” added Romero.

Connecting businesses stronger

The partnership with EWB speaks of how Converge stays true to its vision of being a world-class ICT organization that empowers people, businesses, and the nation.

“Our network continues to perform very well, with low latency and high-speed internet as part of our commitment. We are going to continue to invest in what we have, and we will continue to invest in expanding the network so we can serve more of our countrymen across the country,” Romero said in an exclusive interview.

Through nationwide expansion and continuous introduction of innovative ICT products, Converge ICT continues to equip businesses with the best technology and reliable internet connectivity to improve their operational efficiency—more so today when the internet is more important than ever.

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