Converge zooms past competitors in the Netflix ISP Speed Index for July 2023

By: Converge Admin | 29 Aug 2023

Leading Philippine fiber broadband provider Converge ICT Solutions Inc. dominated the Netflix ISP Speed Index for the month of July 2023, occupying the lone top spot in the leaderboard for two months in a row.

Converge has consistently held the top rank in the Netflix Speed Index since the beginning of the year. However, July marks the second consecutive month in which Converge stands alone as the frontrunner in delivering seamless streaming experiences.

“The fact that we have not shared the number 1 position in the past two months means we’re racing ahead of the competition. We aspire to maintain our lead throughout the remainder of the year,” said Dennis Anthony Uy, CEO and Co-Founder of Converge.

Converge recently made its foray into the streaming space, introducing its partnership with TapDMV to offer its subscribers access to BlastTV, an entertainment streaming website that is free for Converge subscribers. The ISP plans to make bigger waves in Over-The-Top (OTT) service with its own product offering soon.

In July 2023, Converge delivered impressive speeds of 3.2 Mbps in the Netflix speed index, with a seven-month average of 3.4 Mbps. This surpasses the national average internet speed of 3.3 Mbps recorded for the same period, solidifying Converge’s position as the industry pacesetter.

The Netflix ISP Speed Index is a measure of prime time Netflix performance on particular internet service providers (ISPs) around the globe. It is not a measure of overall performance for other services/data that may travel across the specific ISP network.

Netflix also ranked Converge as the top internet provider last year for having the fastest internet speeds based on its monthly speed ratings, garnering a full-year average of 3.42 Mbps.

Converge’s commitment to providing unparalleled value to its customers is further exemplified by its broadband offerings. The FiberX 1500 package, positioned in the mid-market segment, boasts remarkable speeds of up to 200 Mbps, coupled with the benefit of unlimited data usage.

Converge ICT Solutions Inc. continues to redefine the broadband industry in the Philippines by delivering lightning-fast internet speeds and unrivaled value for money. As it maintains its lead on the Netflix ISP Speed Index, Converge remains dedicated to enhancing the digital experiences of its customers nationwide.

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