Converge ICT investing in high-capacity backbone

By: Sheilah Takeuchi | 08 Jul 2020

FIBER Internet provider Converge ICT said it is investing in a high-capacity backbone to expand the reach and offerings of its consumer and enterprise businesses.

Converge CEO Dennis Anthony Uy said his group “commissioned” the so-called 400G metro backbone, an optical solution that enables fiber providers to get more bandwidth and subsequently offer them to consumers and enterprises.

“This network expansion gives us the confidence that we can deliver on our commitment to foster simple, fast, and reliable connectivity for both existing and potential customers,” Uy said.

While he did not divulge the amount invested in the new backbone, he explained that “400G optical solution allows Converge ICT to be flexible and efficiently improve the capacity of its nationwide backbone to deliver a more seamless user experience.”

The network is capable of automatically routing traffic to multiple available paths during fiber breaks. Uy added that this allows Converge to have a “programmable, dynamic set up of connections that increases adaptability and resiliency, with the ability to prepare for easily scaling to higher capacity 800G wavelengths to support future growth.” He noted that this expansion will help “future-proof” the company, as demand for bandwidth continues to rise due to the implementation of the new normal, wherein almost everything is digital.


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