Converge flexiBIZ : Boosting Businesses for the Better

By: Converge Admin | 27 Jul 2022

Converge flexiBIZ : Boosting Businesses for the Better
Enhancing business productivity with boosted speeds from their connectivity solutions geared for SMEs

According to the preliminary results of the 2021 List of Establishments of the Philippine Statistics Authority, 99.5% of these businesses in the country is comprised of SMEs (Small, and Medium Enterprises). Of this, 44.4% are new SMEs established in 2021. With the rise of SMEs, Converge ICT Solutions, Inc. understands the need to have a fast and stable internet connection to ensure an efficient workflow. The digital age demands almost 24/7 connectivity so businesses can survive. Having this in mind, Converge came up with flexiBIZ: the perfect connectivity solution for SMEs: internet connectivity that is fast, secure, scalable, and customizable.

Through its flexiBIZ offering, Converge gives businesses— from your friendly neighborhood milk tea cafes, to larger hotel & resort businesses — the flexibility to have secure, reliable and fast internet connectivity at the times they need it the most.

In the Philippines, digital connectivity is important for SMEs due to the rise of online payments that was brought about by the pandemic. In 2019, at the start of the pandemic, the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) saw that digital payments to merchants grew by 33% and by an additional 25% in 2020, largely due to social distancing protocols that have been set in place. Digital payment portals would require businesses to be connected to the internet at their peak hours for transactions to take place.

Security is also important to SME owners. Establishments with closed-circuit television (CCTV) have an added layer of security in their premises 24/7, but these CCTVs would often need high speed internet connection to transmit the data they record in a timely fashion.

Converge offers two options of flexiBIZ to match the needs of their business: flexiBIZ Daytime allows businesses to boost their internet speeds during the specific peak hours of their operations. While flexiBIZ Peak sets an all-day fixed speed plan that ensures fast, consistent, and reliable speed throughout the day, so businesses can operate seamlessly 24/7.

Aside from the boosted speeds, customers of flexiBIZ can also look forward to 100% end to end Fiber connection. With this, customers can enhance workday productivity by maximizing their internet investment.

“Beyond new innovations, Converge’s services undergo continuous improvements to better service our subscribers. The boosted flexiBIZ plan is aimed to improve the productivity of our existing and potential subscribers with improved bandwidth and reliability through our time-of-day technology, ensuring a better experience for all,” Converge COO Jesus C. Romero, said.

Thanks to Converge’s resilient and fast-growing national fiber backbone, flexiBIZ has helped numerous businesses from different industries grow: from transportation & logistics companies that need to scale up, to your neighborhood artisanal bakeshops that want to expand their reach. At their core, Converge aims to serve and help SMEs in the Philippines, no matter how big or small.

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Converge Information and Communications Technology Solutions, Inc. (PSE: CNVRG) is the fastest-growing fixed broadband service provider in the Philippines. It is the first to run an end-to-end pure fiber internet network in the country, providing Filipinos simple, fast, and reliable connectivity. Aside from broadband services, Converge also offers integrated data center and network solutions services.

With over 523,000 kilometers of fiber optic assets nationwide, it has one of the most extensive fiber networks in the Philippines. With just a service age of two years, the Converge fiber network is also the newest in the industry and powered by the most modern technology.

Converge provides premium world-class digital experience with this fiber-powered network for residential, enterprise, and wholesale customers. Converge is ISO 9001 and CE2.0 Certified.

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