Converge empowers SMEs to bring Filipino merienda culture to the next level

By: Converge Admin | 22 Dec 2021

In the Philippines, food is undoubtedly a huge part of our culture. Every city has their own signature dish, their own takes on common Filipino dishes, their favorite dessert, and for some, even their own ice cream flavors. One thing stays the same though, nobody misses out on their precious merienda. It serves as a chance to not only nourish our bodies but to also commune with family, neighbors, friends, or colleagues as food is always best shared with others.

Through the years, the way we consume our merienda has evolved along with the times and trends. We have seen the rise of quaint bakeries offering ube-cheese pandesals, cookies and bento cakes – trendy mini coffee shops have opened as well and they often have clients visit their stores to pick up their orders or enjoy their merienda on site. However, since the pandemic, many businesses have either shifted their operations online or adjusted their physical stores to accommodate the new needs of customers. Luckily, many businesses found a partner in Converge who has supported SMEs by introducing new product offerings, like the flexiBiz Daytime and flexiBiz Peak, to equip businesses with pure fiber technology that offers great flexibility and can boost their productivity, especially during peak hours.

For instance, Bianca’s Breads, a Quezon City-based family bakery, has been serving their unique artisan breads like bagels, focaccia, sourdough, as well as deli since 2016. When the pandemic hit, they managed to keep their small business afloat and sustain a handful of employees by exploring different platforms to reach customers and coordinate with suppliers. From their physical shop, they shifted their resources into building their digital presence and investing in a reliable internet connection to formally set up an online store to continue delivering the artisan breads and delis their customers have learned to love through their years in service.


On the other hand, Cebu-based Lazy Joy Cafe, thrives on a “work-from-cafe” business model. Aside from delicious bread and coffee that the cafe offers, it has innovated and elevated the merienda culture by offering a comfortable workspace for digital nomads and office employees who might need to take a break from the confines of their offices or homes and it was a hit! The secret? They provide a reliable and stable internet connection for their customers, too, which allows them to complete their tasks and reach their goals while enjoying their favorite merienda any time of the day.


“When Converge launched its SME products in Cebu City, Lazy Joy Cafe was our first ever client in the Visayas region. Seeing their growth now having encompassed all the challenges brought upon by the pandemic is a constant reminder for us at Converge to continue supporting our SMEs. Beyond providing fiber connectivity, what motivates us further is the effect that our products have on our clients and their businesses” says Converge SME National Sales Director, Blue Aldridge.

Beyond providing a reliable internet connection, Converge also helps SMEs through virtual events that aim to educate and help them make the most of their resources. Through the events “Let’s Talk FlexiBIZNESS” and “Webtok”, Converge Business – SME services aims to educate SMEs on tech tools for business, and biz trends and ideas.



“SMEs are the backbone of our economy, an epitome of small efforts that create a big impact. No matter how big or small a business is, they deserve stable and fast internet connectivity. At Converge, we’re all about improving the experience of the underserved and unserved communities to create a domino effect on their lives and businesses. More than a year into the pandemic, the needs of SMEs continue to evolve and so do our services,” says Converge co-founder and CEO, Mr. Dennis Anthony H. Uy.

To start upgrading your business’ connectivity, too, check out Converge’s SME product offerings on Converge’s flexiBiz Daytime gives double the speed during the day for those working during regular office hours, with peak hours from 7:00 AM to 6:59 PM. Meanwhile, flexiBiz Peak’s 24/7 high-speed connection of up to 300Mbps is perfect for those working around the clock.

To find more inspirations on how you can improve your online business, visit Bianca’s Breads on Facebook and Lazy Joy Cafe on Facebook.

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