Converge DC Express: faster, better, and more secure

By: Converge Admin | 05 Aug 2022

Fiber broadband provider Converge ICT Solutions, Inc. continues to provide secure and dynamic solutions not just to their residential customers, but to business customers as well. Thanks to the company’s dynamic growth, Converge now offers its Data Center Express (DC Express) under Converge Business.

DC Express provides clear channel, dedicated connectivity between data centers, such as those used in BPOs, banks, and multinational companies, through Converge’s Data Center Interconnect (DCI) Network. This product leverages the latest DWDM (Dense wavelength division multiplexing) technology for high-capacity requirements to reach data transfers of up to 100 Gbps to data centers in the Philippines and, in the future, key international data centers as well.

DC Express is complemented by the Optical Transport Network, for customers who want to use their own network terminals for their high capacity requirements.

Aside from supporting Ethernet connectivity, this service also supports different protocols to interconnect customer equipment housed in the data centers. For the subscriber’s Storage Area Networking (SAN) requirements, Fiber Channel is the best solution as DC Express supports FC800 (20G) and FC3200 (40G) for business-critical applications.

DC Express aims to cater to the connectivity needs of enterprises whose equipment are based in data centers. The service can be provisioned quickly, has enterprise-grade SLAs, and has a 24-hour support and restoration team.

Converge Chief Operations Officer, Jesus C. Romero, shares how Converge is continuously improving its offerings to cater to more clients in the country, especially in the business sector.

“DC Express is yet another expansion of our services, leveraging on our inter-data center connections, to ensure faster, better, and more secure data transfer for our enterprise subscribers,” he said.

Converge Business continues to provide enterprises with the impactful network and data solutions that will help propel all types of businesses forward. The company’s robust network infrastructure makes them a trusted enabler for digital transformation, dramatically improving customer experience for local and international businesses. Thanks to Converge’s constant expansion, businesses of all sizes can expect more services to accommodate their connectivity needs in the future.

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Converge Information and Communications Technology Solutions, Inc. (PSE: CNVRG) is the fastest-growing fixed broadband service provider in the Philippines. It is the first to run an end-to-end pure fiber internet network in the country, providing Filipinos simple, fast, and reliable connectivity. Aside from broadband services, Converge also offers integrated data center and network solutions services.

With over 523,000 kilometers of fiber optic assets nationwide, it has one of the most extensive fiber networks in the Philippines. With just a service age of two years, the Converge fiber network is also the newest in the industry and powered by the most modern technology.

Converge provides premium world-class digital experience with this fiber-powered network for residential, enterprise, and wholesale customers. Converge is ISO 9001 and CE2.0 Certified.

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