Converge and partners win AI Challenge award at TM Forum’s Moonshot Catalyst Awards

By: Converge Admin | 27 Jun 2024


Moonshot Catalyst trophy
The TM Forum’s AI Challenge presented a significant opportunity for communications service providers to explore and harness the capabilities of artificial intelligence.

Leading fiber broadband provider Converge ICT Solutions Inc. recently emerged victorious in a global challenge calling for ground-breaking technology solutions — conceptualizing a project that leveraged artificial intelligence to drive up profitability by as much as 30% whilst increasing overall customer satisfaction.

“With this, Converge proves its mettle as a technology company — this Catalyst program of TM Forum perfectly showcases the innovative approach of the company (together with its partners) in resolving issues rooted in its customer journey, ultimately improving the crucial customer-facing processes. This is not just a tabletop exercise for us — this is a framework we want to implement to enhance customer experience using AI,” said Converge CEO and Co-Founder Dennis Anthony Uy.

Converge, together with Telecom Argentina, Vodafone GmbH, and the Vodafone Group, won TM Forum’s Moonshot Catalyst Award for its AI Challenge, with the project: “ AI-driven EBITDA Mastery : Revolutionizing Customer Journeys”. The AI-based architecture solution they came up with was created using technology from Aria, AWS, Calvi, Nespon Solutions and Salesforce.

The project consists of an “AI architecture”, or solution that leveraged on generative AI in the customer service journey to make it faster and more data-driven. The solution was applied to two use cases: a billing inquiry of a customer and a technician encountering an issue while installing a line.

Through the solution, the company was able to create a highly personalized interaction with customers through AI, using data analysis of billing and account data while also allowing for upselling. In another case, a field technician, through the AI solution, can access recommendations on how to solve a customer’s problem based on his history of previous diagnoses, thus speeding up issue resolution. A component of automated troubleshooting is also applied.

Among the benefits of the solution is faster resolution time of customer troubles and inquiries, which is seen to improve productivity and revenue. Through the business case analysis, the solution can bring up EBITDA by 31-57%, mostly be reducing operational expenses in customer services.

The solution leverages TM Forum’s Open Digital Architecture to facilitate seamless access by the AI models in order to process data that is dynamic in nature. The win was announced at the recently held ‘DTW’24 — Ignite & Innovate Asia 2024’ in Copenhagen.

TM Forum is a global alliance of telco and tech companies, and the Catalyst program brings together leading industry players to co-create solutions driving industry change through Open APIs, ODA, AI and automation.

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