Converge accelerates support for better customer experience and satisfaction

By: Converge Admin | 29 Mar 2021

Converge triples its contact center workforce and provide additional upgrades to the Converge Xperience app to enhance customer support

Converge Information and Communications  Technology Solutions Inc. (PSE:CNVRG), the country’s largest end-to-end high-speed fiber broadband provider, further scales up customer support initiatives amid enhanced quarantine measures due to the rising cases of Covid-19.

Converge is focused on enhancing the overall customer experience by strengthening its customer care functions and digitizing the customer journey. Technology innovation is a priority of Converge’s thrust in customer care, nearly tripling its  support workforce and continuously upgrading its fleet of install and repair teams.

“Customer satisfaction is at the heart of everything we do as an organization and we will make sure that they get the best possible experience, especially in this time of the pandemic,” said Converge CEO Dennis Anthony H. Uy.

Since 2020, Converge implemented a two-pronged strategy to ensure quality customer service for existing and new subscribers. The first strategy involved securing the resources and manpower necessary to address the continued surge in demand.

“Currently, we have almost tripled the number of our customer contact agents, bringing our answer call rate to 90%. We have scaled up our installation and repair teams. We are also investing heavily on the digital infrastructure to further improve the customer experience,” Uy reported.

To address the surge in demand throughout 2020, Converge more than doubled the number of installation teams as compared to before the community quarantine restrictions. As of December 2020, Converge installed nearly 90% of new subscribers in Metro Manila within seven days and over 60% within one day of application. These improvements in the customer onboarding and installation process paved the way for the rapid conversion from application to installation.

The second aspect of the strategy involved adopting a digital transformation plan and omni-channel approach to improve the customer experience across mediums. During the third quarter in 2020, Converge also rolled out its mobile application, the Converge Xperience App, which offers a convenient channel for its customers to review and pay their bills, and also allows customers to log tickets online. As of December 2020, the Converge Xperience App has been downloaded almost 350,000 times.

The upcoming enhancements to the Xperience app allows Converge subscribers to monitor the health status of their own router, checking up on its speed, temperature, and the like. As of the end of last year, a third of the company’s subscribers had already downloaded the application. Converge has also upgraded their front-end platform to include an omni-channel approach that allows for seamless customer experience no matter what platform they prefer. By being present at all customer touch points, the Company is able to efficiently process all the needs and concerns of the customers.

Converge’s promise of providing better experiences to its customers is tied to focusing on the right resources and investment on proper platforms. With the increased number of customer support alongside their enhanced digital channels, Converge has the support infrastructure in place to ensure seamless and hassle-free experience for customers.

For more information, visit the Converge website at You can also download the Converge Xperience app on the Apple Store and Google Play.

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