Converge accelerates its transformation journey with Tableau

By: Converge Admin | 31 Jan 2023

Leading Philippine fiber internet provider Converge ICT Solutions Inc. is on the right track in its data empowerment journey as it shares how it maximizes Tableau, the analytics platform for Salesforce, in arriving at key business decisions as an internet service provider.

At the Tableau Inspiration Day held at New World Makati recently, Converge Chief Information Officer Ulysses C. Naguit relayed how the youngest broadband company – which is relatively at an early stage in its digital transformation – aims to leverage on its collection of data to come up with actionable insights in its operations.

“The first order of business was to transform the data to be the ‘single source of truth’ for the company. Once that was put in place, the company was able to visualize a complete picture of our operations that allowed better efficiency from port utilization, turn-in, order fulfillment, account lifecycle, payment behavior, churn, and even collection performances,” noted Naguit, detailing how data insights cuts across the various functions of the ISP.

Naguit said that data gathered, analyzed, and visualized through Tableau painted a picture of what efforts and campaigns worked and what didn’t at the operational level, helping the company make crucial decisions in its resource allocation, which of course, redounded to better response to customers.

“Through visual analytics, we were able to make crucial business decisions just in time. It has led us to better allocation of resources and that includes plugging the cost drain brought by activities that weren’t helping the bottom-line,” said Naguit, emphasizing the importance of data collection and analysis.

“The world has changed over the last few years and every company has to do more with less as we navigate through multiple challenges in the macroeconomic landscape. As businesses look to not only survive, but deliver success now and for the future, they need to undergo a data transformation that delivers actionable insights for decision making. Businesses need to harness the power of technology and pair this with a data culture in order to impact outcomes and achieve success.,” said Akkasha Sultan, Area Vice President, ASEAN, Tableau at Salesforce. “We are pleased to see Converge ICT Solutions embark on their transformation and achieve tangible business impact through using Tableau. We look forward to a continued partnership with Converge ICT Solutions.”

Considering that the digital transformation journey of Converge only started in earnest in 2020, Tableau was just in time to hand-hold the fiber broadband provider in tackling early challenges in digital transformation.

Song Heng Heng, Lead Solution Engineer, Tableau at Salesforce underlined how their solution is making people arrive at accurate decisions faster – a must for a fast growing company like Converge.

“We help people see and understand data so that they can make decisions at the speed of change,” said Heng at the forum.

Alongside Converge ICT Solutions, the Land Registration Systems Inc. and UnionBank of the Philippines also shared their data and analytics journeys’ during Tableau Inspiration Day.

Among the key highlights of the event was a “Women in Data” forum where women IT executives from Bank of Philippine Islands and Del Monte Philippines shared how they have been empowered in their roles with solutions like Tableau that makes their digital transformation easier and more intuitive.


Converge Chief Information Officer Ulysses C. Naguit shared to audiences how data visualization and analysis is playing a role in the digital transformation of Converge, which is happening on a company-wide basis.


(Left) Pras Moorthy, Regional Vice President, Philippines, Tableau at Salesforce and (Right) Akkasha Sultan, Area Vice President, ASEAN, Tableau at Salesforce join Converge CIO Ulysses C. Naguit (middle) onstage as they mark another milestone in their partnership.

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