#CNVRGMoms in Focus: Celebrating her selfless love this Mother’s Day

By: Converge Admin | 10 May 2024

Nothing compares to the unconditional love that a mother is willing to give to her family. As the guiding light of the household, there’s nothing she wouldn’t do for her loved ones even if it means sacrificing her own needs.

This Mother’s Day, it is only right to celebrate these amazing women who profoundly impact the lives of those around them through their nurturing presence.

On this special day, Converge pays tribute to courageous mothers and maternal figures around the globe, honoring and appreciating them for the love, patience, and sacrifices they make for those who they care about the most.

Here are four stories of strength that showcase the incredible love of Filipino mothers and their devotion to their duty despite adversities. These are stories of wonder moms who tirelessly fulfill their role as one of the pillars of the family, while building their careers with the company’s prepaid fiber internet brand, Surf2Sawa.

Finding balance in business and family

Liezel Adaya – Surf2Sawa dealer, business owner and a mom of three – from Alitagtag, Batangas.
Liezel Adaya – Surf2Sawa dealer, business owner and a mom of three – from Alitagtag, Batangas.

Liezel Adaya is a businesswoman and mom who has never let her commitments fall by the wayside.

Apart from being a mother, Liezel manages with her husband their S2S dealership company, KFB Internet Communication Services, which caters to households in Batangas and Mindoro. Likewise, she also runs a sari-sari store and a farm resort in Alitagtag, Batangas.

Being the compassionate woman that she is, Liezel understands the importance of digital connectivity in promoting inclusion and allowing people to access job opportunities. Thus through their company, she dedicated herself to taking S2S to remote communities, particularly in Mindoro, so that more customers can experience top-notch internet services.

Out of her commitment to their work, from connecting a few houses since they started in 2022, now their company has powered more than 8,700 households, while also providing livelihood opportunities to their six installation teams operating in both provinces.

While Liezel continues to be successful in her business endeavors, the mom of three also sees to it that all her children are well-supported in their needs, whether in terms of their education or in values that will shape up their character.

As a mom, Liezel finds fulfillment in witnessing her kids achieve something on their own, as well as the impact they leave to other people with their upbringing.

“Palagi kong sinasabi sa mga anak ko, ‘Walang saysay ang mataas na marka sa paaralan kung bulok naman ‘yung pagkatao mo.’ At kung ano ‘yung ipinakikita mong ugali will be the reflection of your mother. Matutuwa ka, maririnig mo sa ibang tao, ‘Ay, ang bait ng anak mo.’ Fulfilling ‘yon para sa’kin kasi nangangahulugan na bilang ina, hindi ka failure,” said Liezel.

Mommies at work

Dianara Lopez, administrative staff and a hardworking mom from Batangas.
Dianara Lopez, administrative staff and a hardworking mom from Batangas.

Filipino mothers nowadays often choose to work rather than stay at home to ascertain that their children’s needs are met and for them to maintain a comfortable standard of living.

Dianara Lopez and Charlene Hilario are among those working moms who strive to contribute to their respective families beyond their role as nurturers. As working moms, they are practically splitting themselves in half just to fulfill their duties at work during the day, then changing hats as mothers once they return home at night.

Dianara has a two-year-old daughter who she holds dear as she works as an administrative staff at KFB Internet Communication Services. From being a sales agent before, Dianara was able to climb up the ranks to become an admin staff who offers assistance to their subscribers in Batangas.

“Bilang isang agent at admin staff, nagha-house to house kami para mag-assist ng mga customer na may problema sa koneksyon nila. Sa paglo-load, ina-assist din namin sila para patuloy ‘yung paggamit nila ng S2S,” Dianara said.

For Dianara, being a working mom requires her to be a champion in both aspects – at work and home. Thus, no matter how busy and stressed she is in her day-to-day undertakings, nurturing her family and fostering a loving home environment remain her top priority.

“Kahit sabihin na stressful din sa trabaho, kailangan mo pa rin talaga na pagsabayin ‘yon sa pagiging nanay. Hindi pwedeng mas mataas ‘yung trabaho kaysa sa pamilya. Sa kapwa ko working moms, magpakatatag kayo lang kayo. At sa anak ko, gagawin lahat ni mama. Mahal na mahal ka n’ya,” said Dianara.

Charlene and Rolando Hilario
Charlene Hilario, a Surf2Sawa agent and a mom of four with husband Rolando Hilario, a Surf2Sawa installer, from Cavite.

Meanwhile, for Charlene, Surf2Sawa has given her an opportunity to earn even at home, allowing her to look after her children even while working.

Charlene works hand in hand with her husband, Rolando, in promoting Surf2Sawa in Cavite. She actively shares about S2S on Facebook and occasionally joins her husband, an installer, in going houses to attract new customers. Once a customer signs up, she would then inform Rolando so that he can set up their connection right there and then.

For the husband and wife, working as a team has made the job a lot easier. From being partners at home and work, they ensure to support each other in what they do, keeping their harmonious relationship wherever they go.

For Charlene, even though she established herself as a dedicated sales agent, her duties as a mom and wife still come first. Every day, she prepares meals for her husband, who works in the field, and at the same time ensures her children would feel her care and love before they head to school – evidence of her hands-on approach to motherhood even while maintaining a day job.

“’Yung mga anak namin, sila ‘yung aming lakas. Kahit mahirap sa trabaho, kailangan lang i-balance nang maayos para mataguyod mo sila,” said Charlene.

Super ‘Natay’

Jenny Ann Balayan, Area Sales Head of JK2L2 Surf2Sawa Distributorship, and single mom from Alitagtag, Batangas.
Jenny Ann Balayan, Area Sales Head of JK2L2 Surf2Sawa Distributorship, and single mom from Alitagtag, Batangas.

Jenny Ann Balayan or Jen is an Area Sales Head (ASH) for Batangas and Mindoro of Surf2Sawa distributor, JK2L2 Distributorship.

A true wonder nanay, Jen handles all her responsibilities with grace. As a professional, she takes pride in supporting the company’s community partners in Batangas as they grow their businesses, giving them assistance to address their concerns, no matter how small.

But what most people don’t know is that behind her bubbly persona and the dedication she pours into her work, Jen is also a devoted and loving single mother – a nanay and a tatay or ‘natay’ – to her 12-year-old son.

Being a single mom was already challenging, but it became even more so when Jen’s son was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) at the age of three. This made her duty even more demanding, requiring her to give more ounces of care, patience, and understanding as she became his son’s lone pillar as he underwent occupational therapy.

“Simula nu’ng dumating s’ya, pinanindigan ko na sa sarili ko na magsasama kami na kaming dalawa lang. Gusto ko, paninindigan ko na maging tatay at nanay ako sa anak ko. ‘Yung responsibilidad ko sa kanya, it’s a life-long commitment between the two of us,” said Jen.

Despite that, you won’t see Jen showing any signs of tiredness at the end of the day. After a day spent assisting their stakeholders, her unwavering love for her child keeps her going, ready to embrace his son with warmth as she finally goes home.

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