BIDA Fiber offers top-tier connectivity for employees working from home

By: Converge Admin | 05 Mar 2024

The province of Cebu has been known as one of the most attractive expansion hubs for outsourcing firms in the country. With the availability of a quality workforce, necessary infrastructure, and an investment-friendly environment, it has been a preferred destination for companies looking to expand their operations.

Thus, for call center agents in Cebu like Mitzi Grafia, a resident of Lapu-Lapu City, a robust internet connection is a requirement, serving as her bread and butter as an employee seeking opportunities in the BPO industry.

With the industry’s pivot to the hybrid working environment, she needed a connectivity solution that would provide unmatched reliability for a price that is best suited for her budget as someone earning a modest income.

At the perfect moment, Converge unveiled its newest postpaid plan BIDA Fiber, which offers a budget-friendly and quality connection that would cater to the needs of budget-conscious customers like her.

Mitzi Grafia, a call center agent from Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu.
Mitzi Grafia, a call center agent from Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu.

“By God’s grace, we can get by. I am grateful that we have a livelihood, at the same time, for the excellent connectivity we enjoy through BIDA Fiber powered by Converge,” she shared.

Priced at P888 per month, BIDA Fiber extends fast and reliable connectivity at 35 Mbps, connecting a maximum of six devices. From an unstable and expensive monthly internet plan, Grafia is now subscribed to BIDA Fiber which allows her to connect to customers effortlessly.

It provides her unlimited connection that she can depend on throughout the day regardless of time and number of devices connected simultaneously.

Mitzi Grafia
After her work, the quality connection from BIDA Fiber enables her to share happy moments with family and friends. Since she switched to BIDA, they have been experiencing quality connection regardless of how many devices are connected at the same time.

“Since switching to BIDA Fiber, I have not experienced any interruptions. I am completely satisfied with the service it delivers,” Grafia said.

Offering a more practical option for Filipino households, BIDA Fiber allows employees like Grafia to save more for their family’s essential needs.

“Before, I was paying nearly twice the amount, but now I’m only paying P888, which is very affordable and practical for us as ordinary people,” she said.

BIDA Fiber not only enhances Mitzi’s work efficiency but also enriches her family’s leisure time, enabling them to enjoy movies and a wide array of TV series.



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