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By: Converge Admin | 05 Sep 2022

After two years of virtual schooling, Filipino students are back in the classroom for face-to-face classes but this doesn’t mean remote learning is out the window. Hybrid set-ups are still prevalent as schools and students are transitioning to full regular classes by year-end.

For families with kids still on remote learning or a hybrid set-up, what’s needed is a strong, quality connection that can accommodate everyone’s needs. This is why Converge has doubled the speeds of its entry-level FiberX 1500 from 50 Mbps to 100 Mbps at no additional cost.

“We permanently doubled the speeds of our base plan for free because we recognize  that our customers’ broadband needs have magnified, especially for households with multiple users. Moving towards the new normal, Converge will continue to innovate and create product offerings that are attuned to the needs of our customers,” said Jesus C. Romero, Converge Chief Operations Officer.

Converge also offers the innovative FiberX Time of Day plan that matches internet speeds with consumers’ usage hours.  With Converge FiberX Time of Day, subscribers can choose a time period to get the best speeds – and opt either for the Day Plan or Night Plan.

Ana, a  working mom of three young children shares, “Since the pandemic began two years ago, our bandwidth requirement really increased with my husband and I working from home and the kids are online for school or on Youtube. When the lockdown ended, our requirements did not change. In fact, tumaas pa because as the kids are growing, they need to attend regular school already.”

“Thankfully, nandiyan si Converge. Since we started our subscription in 2021, our connection has been fast and consistent. There’s no lag even if we are all using the internet at the same time. Netflix, Fortnite, Youtube, Zoom, Shopee, you name it, all used at the same time! The doubled speed came just in time too. Because now, two kids have to go to school already. Last year isa lang ang everyday online school, ngayon dalawa na sila,” Ana adds.


Face-to-Face or Online Schooling

As more schools are welcoming students on campus, many parents are still adjusting to the guidelines set by the government. But even with mobility restrictions eased and many are back in the office and classroom, Filipinos have gotten used to high quality and high capacity internet that Converge fiber broadband can deliver.

For Ana and her family, this means no compromises with their connectivity needs.

“Right now, the kids have a hybrid set-up for school which is online plus one week of face-to-face in a month. This means that two kids now need to be connected to their video calls at the same time, while my husband and I are also working from home. Then there is the 3-year old who needs to be entertained while all that is happening. So imagine, all our requirements at the same time! Lahat bawal mag-lag at bawal ma-disconnect,” said Ana, whose family is based in Quezon City.

According to the latest Digital 2022 report of social media management firm Hootsuite and creative agency We Are Social, internet users in the Philippines aged 16 to 64 spend 10 hours and 27 minutes a day connected to the internet (on any device) for the past 12 months.  This is above the global average of 6 hours 58 minutes of the age range.

With such outsized demand – multiple users in a household with increasing digital needs – 100 Mbps plan will surely suit the average Filipino home as work, education, and entertainment continues to be delivered online.


Onwards and Upwards

The Department of Education announced that starting November, all public and private schools shall have transitioned to five days of in-person or face-to-face classes. But for families like Ana, the need for fast, reliable connectivity at home will continue to be a must.

“Even with face-to-face classes, we still need our internet connection to get by. At this point, the school policies are still being ironed out. In case someone at the school or in our home gets Covid-19 and we all need to be isolated, we’ll need our connection for work, school, messenger calls, groceries and others.”

The pandemic drastically changed the dynamics of the home and school. Parents were pushed to take more active roles as co-teachers of their children. While schools had to embrace digitization and tools that make it easier and more efficient to collaborate with parents in educating their children.

Applications and email are now more often used for the submission of homework, uploading lessons, and coordination with teachers.

“I hope we continue to use these tools even if face-to-face na kasi they really make life easier for parents to help co-teach the children,” said Ana.

As the country moves forward to the new normal, many hard-earned lessons from the pandemic turned out to be the foundation for a more dynamic and holistic education experience for children and parents.

“The pandemic was hard and there were a lot of changes. It really required us parents to be more hands-on and involved as co-teachers of our children. But I am also grateful for the things we learned, the digital tools that were introduced, and the time we got to spend with the kids. Sabi nga nila, they are only young once. I’m happy that we are able to go through these experiences together as a family,” Ana closed with a smile.


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Converge Information and Communications Technology Solutions, Inc. (PSE:CNVRG) is the fastest-growing fixed broadband service provider in the Philippines. It is the first to run an end-to-end pure fiber internet network in the country, providing Filipinos simple, fast, and reliable connectivity. Aside from broadband services, Converge also offers integrated data center and network solutions services.

With over 563,000 kilometers of fiber optic assets nationwide, it has one of the most extensive fiber networks in the Philippines.

With this fiber-powered network, Converge provides premium world-class digital experience for residential, enterprise, and wholesale customers. Converge is ISO 9001 and CE2.0 Certified.

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