A Day in the life of a multihyphenate

By: Converge Admin | 29 Apr 2024

A graphic artist, content creator, gamer, streamer, and shoutcaster, Ryan Sulit – also known as Extra Rai – perfectly personifies tech-savviness.

A true blue digital enthusiast, he has long been receiving the rewards of an integrated digital lifestyle, making full use of online platforms and tools to create a digital environment that allows him to earn, succeed, and enjoy all at the same time.

Rai balances all his pursuits, diligently checking off everything on his to-do list as he switches hats throughout the day. As a freelance artist, he has been designing creative promotional materials for a client abroad for nine years now, so it’s a must for him to beat all his deadlines and exceed expectations.

Ryan Sulit or Extra Rai – a graphic artist, content creator, gamer, streamer, and shoutcaster from Pasig City.

After several hours of serious work, he would then dive into the thrilling challenges of online games whether it’s on Tekken 8, League of Legends, or Teamfight Tactics.

A successful streamer in his own right, Rai currently boasts over 122,000 followers on his Facebook page, Extra Rai. He engages with his online community members by showcasing intense gameplay while entertaining them with his infectious energy and quick wit during his streams that usually last for two to five hours.

His day will not end there, though, for he’s still yet to unleash his colorful commentaries in gaming – this time as a shoutcaster. With his trusty microphone in hand, he hosts different online gaming tournaments, including the likes of Rumble Royale x Riot Games Community Brawl, TFT Vegas Open Championships, Axie Classic World Championships, and TFT Remix Rumble Championships. And when not doing so, he delves into thought-provoking discussions in his podcast, The Extra 1%, on Spotify.

Ryan Sulit or Extra Rai – a graphic artist, content creator, gamer, streamer, and shoutcaster from Pasig City.

Through the lens of Rai’s dynamic digital lifestyle, it is abundantly clear how the role of a fast and quality internet connection remained constant.

From gaming to streaming, graphic designing to shoutcasting, it serves as the backbone of the digital ecosystem he created that allows him to share his passions with the world.

Rai could not express enough how much of a blessing it is for him to have Converge FiberX as his connectivity partner. Looking at how his former provider failed to keep up with all his endeavors, he did not regret one bit making the switch to a more reliable connection provided by this fiber connectivity.“It’s a big deal for me not to get disconnected because, imagine, you’re playing, you’re hosting online, and suddenly you’re cut off. It’s happened to me many times before, and it’s so frustrating. Now that I can do everything seamlessly without getting disconnected, I can finally do my job properly, and I’m extremely satisfied,” he said.

Ryan Sulit or Extra Rai – a graphic artist, content creator, gamer, streamer, and shoutcaster from Pasig City.

In summary, Rai exemplifies a modern-day content creator – versatile, innovative, and constantly pushing boundaries.

And behind every successful endeavor lies a robust fiber connectivity solution, ensuring that he can fully leverage his creative expression to succeed across multiple fronts.

“I made the switch a couple of years ago because my internet experience was no longer satisfactory, especially for the things I needed to do. What I did was switch to Converge, and I never looked back afterward,” he said.

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